~Jack Holden Quarter Horse~

Congratulations to Kolt Tucker on purchasing Blu Ray.  He and partner Sam Runge who is also riding a Holden Horse....and Taylor Hurst on another, Blue Chip! Three tough Texas Cowboys...Kolt and Sam will be going to state in their region of Texas.

Thanks and good Luck to Matt Wilkinson in Texas on his purchase of Jet......hope to hear of them making a great team in Roping...

Gary Johnson is winning a check where ever he enters, on his red roan mare! Continued success! Kelly Wedel buys Holden Horse #2. Look for her entering up soon! ..

Congrats to Scott Wilkerson and his Holden Horse,Jackal, winning 5 checks in the last few weeks!


Wins for Tee Woolman and Playgun our grey heel horse........this looks like a near perfect fit! Thanks to Glen and Jennifer on their purchases of Holden Horses....watch for them in the Louisiana area:) in fact, he has won a check a month or so ago. with limited hauling~

C Littlesoldier, winning close to 20k, after just a month of owning his Buckskin Dunit gelding....Vegas was good to them both..... 

Cody, one of our horses, with earnings of over 27,000 dollars, is now in Hawaii!! What a Lucky Horse!!! He is owned by Ku'ulei DeCosta, a 12 year old girl! Best of Luck to this pair. Look for their picture in next months Spin to Win...

UPdate, Rockfish Scooter, is also in Hawaii....Doing awesome too.....

Look for Doc, now in Sandy Oregon. The Maunders, now own TWO Holden Horses!  Good Luck, Mark and Krista! And thank you for your friendship.

Congrats to Shawn Davis of Canadian Texas...winning 7,400 on his sorrel gelding from us. He is also hauling his black and bay gelding.

 Please note, there are no videos as of yet on our webpage, this area must be filled in before I can post a horse, but there are several on Jacks facebook page...jackholdenquarterhorse. Thanks.


We have several new horses, that are not  pictured....

8 year old brown gelding...broke and trained the right way....registered....

Cooper Bruce has been hauling our awesome bay gelding, on the heeling end...since the first of the year, he has won over $6,400. This gelding is ten years old and ready to haul and win on! He is ready to win for you!

any are sold before I even post a picture....again check my Facebook page...jack holden quarter horse....or better yet, give me a call....580-465-1649

I have several combo head and heel horses for sale now. Proven, solid , sound and seasoned!



Ask Jack for details....on our other current horses for sale......and not pictured on this site....


ARE YOU TIRED OF BEING THE "ADDED MONEY"??? If Your not happy with your performance, or your horses performance,  consider investing in some lessons for you and your horse.

If you are not winning, or placing, it might be time for a change. What you pay in entry fees, and just getting to a roping, might have been a great investment for you. One day of personal instruction with Jack is $200, and this instruction comes from a professional who has made his living with horses, for most of his life. Not some young gun, who handles a rope well....We see quite a few ropers, who could really benefit from more horsemanship!!

....Call about current horses for sale!  New pictures and updates for new horses coming soon.

 Videos and some photos are on Jack Holden Quarter Horse FACEBOOK page...

 So give Jack a call and tell him what you are needing...and ask what we have! You won't know unless you try them, and find the one that one fits YOU!   ~580-465-1649~






So, you think you want to learn to Team rope?

First, make sure you can ride and handle a horse well.  And find a SOLID, older horse, that has been there, and done that. One that stays quiet in the box, and makes the same run, over and over. Find a good instructor.  Start on the heeling end first.  There is no place for a beginning header. It is too complicated to try to set up a run, by first catching, dallying safely , handling cattle correctly, and giving a heeler a shot........And get a good heeling dummy, even if it is a sawhorse, and learn perfect practice.   Buy heeling videos and books and study them when you are able.  THEN when you are catching that dummy consistantly,  you can start roping a lead steer or a donkey from your horse.  Your last step, is roping out of the box.   If you do your groundwork first, your will advance much quicker.

 And last but not least.....realize, that you will only be as good as the work you want to put into it....Horses are not machines. You can't park them in a garage, and every once in a while, crank them up. The dedication you put into knowing your horse and what it takes to be the best, is worth the investment.


If you are looking for equine insurance... call Connie at: Roger Peters Livestock Insurance  Call   1-800-228-8664 for details and rates.