Welcome!  If you are looking for an exceptional team roping horse, or a great riding horse with superior training you have come to the right place. ~~~ If you are searching for an solid, honest horse, with more feel and handle than you thought possible, you can find it here. I ride all my horses, no apprentices, no embellishing, no excuses...

    I have been riding, training and selling nice horses for over 40 years. I have ridden thousands of horses in my life, and it is this knowledge that helps me find a horse for you. No Smoke and Mirrors, no empty promises. We are not "Horse Flippers"  . We purchase horses that are trusted, many hauled and seasoned. Each and every horse we own is put thru our tests, and into our training program. 

    For many years, word of mouth has been my best advertising. I started training for the public when I was 12 years old. I ran ranches, competed in rodeos, "Picked up" at open , Little Britches, and High school rodeos. I owned and managed a Western Wear Store, (15 full time employees)  was a Shriner, all the while training horses. I won the state of Nebraska in Cutting one year. I showed many horse in AQHA shows, and I am a lifetime member.   I also put on roping /horsemanship clinics several times a year.   I have lived horses 24/7. Two of my four children make their living training horses also.  Shawn, who lives in Silsbee, Texas.  You will see  him at many Performance sales, such as the Havard Sales, in Lufkin, The 4 Roping in OKC, and the double dollar sale in Las Vegas.  And Brenda, who lives in Kansas. The Baby of the family, Lacey,  still works on a few barrel horses from time to time, while managing two small boys, and a home based business. .

   Here is a short list of some of the people who bought/owned my horses.~~~~~ Charles and Londa Pogue* George Strait* Scott Elliot* Joe Beaver* Herbert Theriot* Todd Sullivan* Shae Hooks Izard Franklin*  Bennie and Buddy Cloud* Keevin Franklin * Eddie Franklin *Henry Tygar* Wallace Townsend* Judd McLeod* Joe and Kevin Ryan* Mike and Jan Hebert* Butch Lott* Matt Vincent and sons* Bob Loomis* Joyce Kerneck* Dick and Dave Frank* Sid Meyers* Gerald Bunch* Mickey Gomez* Dax Rattan* Dennis Gatz* Hollis Daniels* Tim Weil* Brock Hanson* Zach Kilgus* Billy Wong* Andrew Wong* Dustin Glenn* Arby Littlesoldier* Krista Maunder* Cooper Bruce* Mark Maunder* and the list goes on... These are all great hands, and many, good friends........... Remember, SEVERAL HORSES are NOT PICTURED> Please call for a current list... ~~~~~~~~~~~ Jack and Lisa