Scott and Susie Wilkerson, found us on the internet. They are  from China Spring, Texas. They  wrote:
I have had three Jack Holden horses (so far), all have been exactly what Jack said they were. I have taken advantage of Jack's knowledge of horse training and roper/rider training on more than one occasion.With Jack you don't have to just buy and leave,you can buy with the confidence that most any problem that may occur is just a phone call away.My only regret is that Jack doesn't live down here in God's country!  (update, Scott and Sue own three now)

The Welborn's from North Carolina, wrote this thoughtful email, after returning home from a week here, in April. Cody made a fine showing at the High school finals this summer!

Jack, Thank you for much for all you did for us and Cody. You helped Cody in so many ways. It made a big difference in every aspect of his roping and horsemanship. You took him over the hump and out of his slump. You went above and beyond for all of  us, and I just can't thank you enough. Cody is using what you've taught him daily.  All of us, including Snoop Dog made it home fine.  Thanks again.

This past spring, we sold a horse, "FLASH",  to Dax Rattan, and almost immediately he started winning, cash, buckles, 2 saddles, and 2 shootout spots in OKC.   

I am proud to say I recently purchased a horse from Jack and Lisa and he is definately paying for himself in the roping pen. I was very impressed with the way Jack represented the horse. I have never been on a horse with more flex and keys than the one I bought. I will definately be buying more horses from the Holden program.

Thanks, Dax and Nita Rattan

Mike and Jan Hebert , friends from Louisiana, sent a nice note

I met Jack 25 years ago in Sulphur. I watched the way his horses, and Team Roping horses rode and performed. I bought 7 head over the 8 years he lived there. One was a barrel horse that Lisa was running by the name of "OKIE POWER BILL". Talk about broke! In the AQHA, he had a Superior in English and Western pleasure, with a R.O.M. in barrels, and my wife, Jan,  won the Amature Horse in Louisiana. He lived until he was 32.   My son and I learned alot about how necessary good horsemanship is, in team roping, as Jack put on several clinics at my arena. What so many t.v. personalities are teaching now, is what Jack taught us 25 years ago!

Tim Weil a new customer and friend wrote a short note....He has made great strides in his horsemanship and roping, and we appreciate his business!
Dear Lisa, I wanted to send my thoughts about your program...Jack is one of the best horsemen I know.  He trains people along with his horses, and stresses that horsemanship is the key to success.  I just thought I knew how to ride and when I bought two horses from Jack, I have learned way more than I realized.. It has paid off with confidence and  winnings!  I know if I had a question or a problem, I could call, or visit and Jack would go out of his way to help. I am sold! Tim

Hey Lisa, I wanted to be on your "Customer page", so I am sending a few lines...

20 some years ago, we wanted a bomb proof horse for our girls, and we bought a mare, sight unseen. You brought her up to us, and she was all you said, and MORE...She gave our daughters the confidence and foundation to be excellent riders...Then last summer, we decided we were ready for another horse. The one we had bought here, just could not hold a candle to yours, and we kept trying, and hoping. We gave up, and sold him . Anyway, we drove down and got a gorgeous mare,just a long 2 year old.  We couldn't believe how nice she rode, and myself and my daughter have enjoyed her so much. We rode trails and some hunt on her. You would think she was 10!  And her future is just looking brighter and brighter... I guess I should go back and say, I met Jack when I was just in high school, thru the Lowry girls. I was around when they were going gangbusters and winning everywhere, due to Jacks tutoring...I bought my first horse from him a few years after that.  So, now I am on horse number 3 and when the day comes, that I need another, you will get another call!   Mary


Tracy and Jon Smith, Oklahoma

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that Jon is getting along great with PHIL.  He is a very quiet and solid in the box, and gives you plenty of speed when you ask for it.  He is a pleasant horse to be around.

Thanks for your time, and instruction, and letting us run enough steers during our visit to know that PHIL was a good fit.

Tracey and Jon Smith


Billy Wong, Kohala, Hawaii

Back in August, my son Andrew and I flew to Oklahoma to meet Jack and Lisa of Holden Quarter Horses. Our intent was to find lease prospects for the USTRC finals held in October in Oklahoma City. Instead what we found was a barn full of high caliber, quality, seasoned rope horses, and a high energy, well skilled, seasoned professional trainer to go with it-What an awesome combination! As I mentioned we intended to lease only, but after riding and roping on these horses, it was a no brainer....this was an opportunity to purchase and be a proud owner of a Holden Horse.  I have been riding for 37 years and roping for 25.  We have a string of about 15 horses at home, in Hawaii. All great horses, but eh Feel and Handle, that Jack puts on these animals is a superior fine turning like NO Other.  I purchased an exceptional 5 year old, that seemed like more like an 8 yr old, with all the qualities of of everyones dream horse...Pretty, fast, cowy, perfect conformation, and handle and feel to die for.  I named him "Champ", because I am confident that together we will make a winning team.

Next time you need a great horse, don't think twice, call Jack, cause he is THE MAN!  But remember one last thing before I close, "behind every great man, there's a great woman, that keeps him going". Thanks, Lisa:)

Billy and Sandy Wong  Kohala, Hawaii


Gary and Mary Kay Brooks
Jack and Lisa,
Blue has turned out to be a great mountain horse and we are very pleased with him. He is calm,has good judgment in difficult situations, is very willing and is easy to deal with. We have taken him on some difficult rides in dangerous terrain and he has performed as well as the seasoned experienced horses. He is a great horse for MK and she has begun to depend on him and has developed great affection. The terrain in this country is extremely rugged and dangerous and a good horse highly sought after. We spend a lot of time in the back country where travel is very hard and dangerous. This is a wilderness area so there are no groomed trails and no roads. We love it and love to get into the far back country away from everything and everybody and must have reliable horses. We both thank you. We have never gone wrong with a Jack Holden horse. Our cabin is on a ranch with an airstrip and so we have all of the amenities at the cabin but as soon as we leave the ranch we are in absolute wilderness and on our own.
Hope all is well with you guys and hope we can get together again.
Thanks again,