People often ask, how did you learn, who taught you? The answer was, I rode thousands of   horses with one thing in mind, MAKING THEM BETTER INDIVIDUALS! Each and every horse that leaves my barn is a better horse than when it arrived.  I have a plan for every horse, and I would be glad to go into detail.

    It is obvious that many horses have never recieved the foundation they deserve in their early years. Mainly because they are handled by inexperienced people, who won't take the time a horse really needs. They need time to absorb what you teach them.  They learn in steps..You wouldn't send your Kindergartener to 3rd grade would you?  Seems like many folks  want to get ahead of themselves and their horses.  That means they need alot of educating themselves. I would have to say, 85% of the customers learn something here, they didn't know before...More about that later...Most of the problems we see with horses, are MAN MADE.

     More than anything,  I work on foundation.   This is mandatory for any type of event/ activity you want for your horse...A horse has to know how to handle himself, just move his feet to begin with!  With every lesson they gain confidence, and accept what you  teach them...You just keep building on that..I teach my horses to learn how to break at the poll, move off of leg pressure, back on a loose rein. WHY? Because breaking at the poll, means they are giving to the bit. They will break flat when leaving the box.  They won't lunge.  I also loosen hips and shoulders, for placability in the box, and thru the run. I lope alot of circles, so they learn how to rate, collect themselves, and flatten out.  My goal is to have them ride, and  feel like Bridle horses....

   We use a round pen a great deal.  Altho I don't start colts anymore, it can teach young and old horses alike. There is so much more to it, than tiring one out.   The round pen allows you to set correct headsets, gain lateral flexion, and sometimes just let them pull on themselves!  We drive them up into the bit, so they break at the pole, and get soft in the mouth. We kept our good horse right, and brought some bad horses back around again to winning again...using the round pen. No wonder our hips and shoulders have wear and tear!  We have walked hundreds of miles in that round pen, and it pays off .  We prefer a 40 foot diameter.  We haven't seen a video yet, that shows the many ways we use a round pen..There are so many different ways to set heads for many different problems...We also use Julius and CEASAR, our  Donkeys to track and heel. Sure teaches a horse to find his hole, and doesn't wear out our cattle. Plus, there is a lot of fun when there is a group of people involved..

    One of the best ways to get to know your horse,  is spending many hours just riding him.  Don't be afraid to tire one out! And "hot" doesn't necessarily mean he is tired. (uncinch, tie him up and get on another one. The next time you step on, he will feel better than before..A GOOD HORSE  is a TIRED HORSE!   Before I ever back into the box, I ride my horses down, I loosen up their body parts. I log them off and on. They perform so much better than when they are fresh..Take them out on a trailride, thru the pasture, or somewhere  different if you can.  We take our horses out in the pastures, thru the creeks and up and down  steep hills.  We ask them to do things they might never had to before. We walk them thru water, and don't allow them to JUMP...If they do, we go thru it over and over until they will walk thru. Horses need to handle pressure, just like people do!  Lets face it, if you have ever competed, you need that horse as much as they need you. It is a two way street.  Don't be afraid to ask them once in a while! 


    If this is the kind of horse you would like to ride, or rope on, then I have him. I have always "serviced what I sell". If you need help getting with your horse, learning how to ride him, I have always stood behind my horse sales.  I don't have cheap horses, (Our horses start at an average of $7,500) because many times, that means they are either untrained, unfinished, or NOT mentally or physically sound.  Yes, I do have young horses, or those requiring more riding or seasoning...Let me know what you are looking for.

    If you are going to ride, invest in your horse and horsemanship first.  Worry about how fancy your truck and trailer are later.  It is what you put IN that trailer that counts. That is where you will MAKE money, and find enjoyment.  That truck and trailer will only depreciate, and a horse will hold its value or appreciate, depending on the hand you are!  In fact, that horse could very well win you a new rig!   Several years ago, a friend named Roger Townsend bought a 7 year old gelding named Harlans Intrigue, from us. This was a horse we raised.  and after paying $10,000 for him,  in the next 4 months, he WON $40,000.00.  All documented in the USTRA!  Shortly after buying horses in 2008,  STEVE TOSH  won $49,500,  Gary Johnson $12,500. Many more won checks and saddles on our horses.  Get on a winning streak, for 2010!  Join the Winners Circle!   Buy a Holden Horse!  (Check out the Customer page)